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Day 261

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Day 261 - All in the Family
All in the Family

(left to right) Rebel t2i, 7D, 5Dmkii, 7D

Okay, okay. They aren’t all mine. The rebel is Taylor’s, and the 7D on the far right is Troy’s which I had been borrowing for my wedding shoots.

Ever since the flood though, I’ve been getting some error messages on my 7D. I documented these messages as proof to the insurance people, check it out:


So, I asked my adjuster and long story short, I got a new camera. I figure, why replace it with the same camera when you can just upgrade? That’s how this 5DmkII entered the picture. Because I’m borrowing all of Troy’s equipment still, I can give you an A/B comparison with the exact same lens from the exact same vantage point of a 7D vs a 5DmkII. These were both shot at 24mm f/2.8 1/100 at ISO1000.



So, I say again. Exact same lens, exact same settings, but look how much wider the 5D is. Pretty crazy!

I still have a lot of playing around to do though. Even though it’s a better camera than the 7D, it’s actually older so the 7D has some features that are missing from the 5DmkII. Aside from not having easy access to video mode (that i’ve figured out thus far), my biggest gripe is the way the Auto ISO functions. With the 7D, when I put it to manual mode, I can leave the ISO on auto and it will still set automatically. With the 5D (again, as far as I can tell) when I put it to manual mode, the ISO defaults to 400 and stays there. What’s up with that? If the camera wants me to set the ISO manually, then why even let me select “AUTO” under the ISO options?

Does anyone else own a 5D? Can you shed some light on this? It’s not the end of the world, but it is a little annoying. I liked being able to set my Aperture and Shutter Speed and let the camera adjust the ISO to compensate for slight differences in lighting from area to area.