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Project 365 – Day 150

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We got our engagement photos from our wedding photographer. They came in this cute little box:


Pretty cute. And it had a thumb drive with our pics.

Project 365 – Day 149

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Sunday was Mid-Autumn Festival. You can read about it here. We went over to the Powells’ house for some moon cake…and regular Caucasian cake.





Project 365 – Day 148

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We had Sidney and David’s wedding on Saturday. It was at the W Hotel in Washington DC. The hotel is insane. The suite that the bride got ready in was gorgeous. It was a great wedding to shoot…except that the day’s schedule was off by 30 minutes which messed the whole portrait session up and we didn’t spend the time that we wanted with the bride and G. BUT, other than that…we got some great photos.


Project 365 – Day 147

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Last Friday we went to my favorite Chinese restaurant, Peking Gourmet Inn. It has awesome Peking Duck. It was even featured on the Food Network’s show “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”. Anyhow. I had my favorite beer, Tsing Tao, and obviously the duck.



Project 365 – Day 146

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iPhone 5!



Project 365 – Day 145

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For those (two or three) of you who may follow this blog somewhat regularly, you know what kinds of trouble we’ve been having with the house. Well, the trouble continues. The good news is that I (meaning our roommate Joe) finally planted the bushes that I bought from Merrifield Garden Center. The bad news was that when I went to water them from the spigot in the front of the house, the brick wall started leaking. So my dad, our handyman, came by to assess the damage. In the end, it was decided that this had to happen:


Yep…that’s a hole in the wall of our bedroom. It’s still not patched up yet, so let’s hope we don’t get any downpour any time soon.

I love llamas

We had to take off our fake/electric fireplace in order to drill the hole.



Project 365 – Day 144

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Ben’s friend Evan was in town from Seattle this week so he stopped by to have lunch. We took him to our favorite —walking distance—place to eat.





Ben took the camera from me to snap some shots of a bee that was bothering us. I found out that he’s never been stung by a bee before! This is in contrast to me, who has been stung several dozen times…I guess I’m just sweeter.



Project 365 – Day 143

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My goal here was to take a photo of Ben twiddling his thumbs, with his thumbs out of focus to show that they are moving, while the rest of his hand was in focus. It didn’t work out so well…probably because the lighting in our basement is awful. If I lowered the shutter too much the whole photo came out of focus and if it wasn’t lowered enough you can’t tell his thumbs are moving. Fail.


Project 365 – Day 142

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Although my brain (and my heart, lungs, and every other organ) wanted to sleep in on the Sunday following Sarah and Brett’s wedding, I instead awoke to assist Ben with another photoshoot. I’m glad that I went because it was super super cute. Our friends Keisha and Doug have us take pictures of their son around every 6 months and this was his 2nd birthday. I’m going to try and do a real blog about this one too, so I’ll only post a couple now.



Project 365 – Day 141

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So I’m not sure where Day 140 went…or what it was that I did that day if anything. I’ve formatted every single memory card I have in anticipation of a wedding tomorrow so if it existed at some point it’s gone now!

Here are a couple highlights of Sarah and Brett’s wedding last Saturday (formal preview blog still pending):




This was the first wedding I shot with my new Mark III and I can never go back…