Project 365- Day 12

// May 14th, 2012 // Taylor's Posts

I have a love/hate relationship with Gretchen’s dogs. I’m not going to lie…I used to give Daxter baths just because I knew he hated it (win-win tho, right gretch?). Anyways, I came up with this amazing idea after Ben told me that Daxter was scared of the Queen-sized foam mattress we temporarily have in the basement. The idea started out something like this:

flying goggie

Unfortunately, Daxter was blending in so much with the white background that I had to figure something else out. Good thing Gretchen keeps plenty of goggie costumes around.

I’m starting to feel much more comfortable doing studio shots since I started this project. All Ben had to do in this one was be animal handler. Here are some behind-the-scenes shots for your amusement.
Stay Away PETA!

2 Responses to “Project 365- Day 12”

  1. martin says:

    nice shots tay. i’m also curious about the box of yamakas in the background

  2. My poor puppy. Still, a pretty great shot, so like I said to Ben, the end justifies the means, I guess? Hahahaha. I hope that you got as much vindictive pleasure out of it as you were hoping. Let’s get this one printed!! :)

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