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Day 269

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Day 269 - In the Spotlight
In the Spotlight

This is Matt, he used to play guitar in my (now defunct) 80’s cover band Judo Chop. He came over for some pics to use for his original project Classified Frequency ( ). I may take this shot later on and try to composite it with some stage lighting or backdrop or something… might be kinda cool!

Some other favorites:


Day 268

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Day 268 - OmNomNom

Taylor’s Sony Vaio eats my Macbook Air for breakfast. Omnomnomnom.

Day 267

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Day 267 - Complete

Day 266

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Day 266 - Waiting For Mom
Waiting for Mom

Day 265

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Day 265 - Down for the Count
Down for the Count

Today’s photo session started as an attempt to get Taylor looking like she was washing the floor with a sponge and bucket, but none of those shots really worked out. Not that I want to say this is was a last-resort shot (even though it was)…

Anyway, I cleared away most of the basement debris so I could access my studio backdrop. Some of my gear is still packed away and in the car because I thought I might possibly get a chance to use it at the wedding (I didn’t). So this is with two lights. Setup shot:

Day 265 setup

Day 264

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Day 264 - C'mere.

During today’s wedding (at Georgetown University) we snuck into an open classroom to take some fun portraits. I liked this pose quite a bit, I’m not sure whether or not this is the actual best of the bunch, but wanted to get something up quick for my picture of the day.

Exhausting day, but got some good (aka good for my portfolio) shots, so successful!

Here’s a shot of the chapel where they had the ceremony (which I was late to… story for another day though). I had to snap this at the end of the ceremony rather than the beginning. Click through to Flickr, and then hit “L” to view it in a lightbox to get the best impression of the shot.

Copley Crypt, Georgetown University
Copley Crypt, Georgetown University

Day 263

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Day 263 - Birthday Girl
Birthday Girl

Day 262

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Day 262 - Tiffany Bean
Tiffany Bean

So I took the 5D into the basement to play with it a little more in low light with my 70-200 f/2.8 IS ii attached. First of all, that lens is much more “usable” in a casual indoor setting with the 70mm zoom looking pretty much like a 50mm did on my 1.6 crop (i think 50mm on the crop sensor is more like 80mm).

Anyway, I’m still limited by the 1.2 meter minimum focusing distance. I was playing with different balances of ISO vs shutter speed vs aperture. I’m still really irked by this whole auto-iso thing not functioning in manual mode. I never realized how accustomed i had become to that feature with my 7D. My near-term plan is to have different programmed camera settings for indoors vs. outdoors sunlight vs. outdoors shade.

My issue with the algorithm being used in the 5D for the semi-auto settings (auto aperture particularly) is that the camera tries its darndest to keep you at 1 / focal length. That is to say, if you’re zoomed at 80mm, the camera will calculate the proper ISO based on the Aperture you’ve pre-selected to wind up with a shutter speed that is 1/80 or thereabouts. Like, if there’s a moderate amount of light and you’re trying to shoot at f/2.8, the camera might push the ISO down to 400 to get you that 1/80 shutter speed. But why won’t it leave the ISO at say, 800 and let you shoot at 1/120?

Another workaround I’m planning is to use the Tv mode (shutter priority) when it’s really dim. That way I can safely assume the camera will always choose the widest aperture and then set the ISO somewhere between 1600 and 3200 for the dark situations.

Or I might just leave it on full manual, and just assume I’ll need to keep the ISO at 3200. This is all a non-issue in most planned shoots, but for weddings (like the one I have on saturday) it’s at the forefront of my thoughts!

Anyway, this shot was shot at f/2.8 1/50 ISO4000. I’m amazed at how it came out at ISO4000. My 7D wouldn’t really have provided a photo this clean or useable at that high of an ISO. So, that is a huuuuge redeeming factor about this camera (for all my griping, it really IS an amazing camera). Yeah. So end of diatribe.

Day 261

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Day 261 - All in the Family
All in the Family

(left to right) Rebel t2i, 7D, 5Dmkii, 7D

Okay, okay. They aren’t all mine. The rebel is Taylor’s, and the 7D on the far right is Troy’s which I had been borrowing for my wedding shoots.

Ever since the flood though, I’ve been getting some error messages on my 7D. I documented these messages as proof to the insurance people, check it out:


So, I asked my adjuster and long story short, I got a new camera. I figure, why replace it with the same camera when you can just upgrade? That’s how this 5DmkII entered the picture. Because I’m borrowing all of Troy’s equipment still, I can give you an A/B comparison with the exact same lens from the exact same vantage point of a 7D vs a 5DmkII. These were both shot at 24mm f/2.8 1/100 at ISO1000.



So, I say again. Exact same lens, exact same settings, but look how much wider the 5D is. Pretty crazy!

I still have a lot of playing around to do though. Even though it’s a better camera than the 7D, it’s actually older so the 7D has some features that are missing from the 5DmkII. Aside from not having easy access to video mode (that i’ve figured out thus far), my biggest gripe is the way the Auto ISO functions. With the 7D, when I put it to manual mode, I can leave the ISO on auto and it will still set automatically. With the 5D (again, as far as I can tell) when I put it to manual mode, the ISO defaults to 400 and stays there. What’s up with that? If the camera wants me to set the ISO manually, then why even let me select “AUTO” under the ISO options?

Does anyone else own a 5D? Can you shed some light on this? It’s not the end of the world, but it is a little annoying. I liked being able to set my Aperture and Shutter Speed and let the camera adjust the ISO to compensate for slight differences in lighting from area to area.

Day 260

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Dry Ice

So today I got my box of Omaha steaks in the mail. It came in a styrofoam chest, and by far the best part was the dry ice it came packed with. I of course dropped what i was doing (editing that wedding video) and immediately started playing around with the dry ice. Don’t worry, I wore gloves. It was definitely challenging to capture a picture of it, but I managed. I should have scrounged around for my remote, but it’s lost somewhere in the mess that is my basement.

Anyway, it was easier to do a quick video, so I did that in addition to my pic. It’s fun to watch the fog!