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// June 23rd, 2011 // Photo, Project 365

NYC – View from Kate’s Apartment

Ahhh, NYC. It’s hard to imagine that we only spend 3 days there, it feels like we got so much more done. We left Friday at around 11:45 for a bus that left at 1:30 from Union Station in DC. Tay took a half day, which meant working from 7 AM (!!) to 11. Unfortunately, this meant our bus had to sit through some Friday rush hour traffic along the way… our 4 1/2 hour bus trip turned into nearly 6 hours. But that’s neither here nor there. Prepared for the longest post ever? Okay, good, here we go.

So, my Dad drove us into Union Station, saving us a metro trip. Since we drove in we had just a little bit of time to kill before the bus so we walked around taking a few pics. Here’s where I chose pic of the day, #166:

Day 166 - Union Station
Union Station

As i stated before I left for NYC, I attempted to take as many photos as possible using only my 35mm f/1.4 that I got. Among other things, that meant I had to do a lot of running around to frame my shots the way I wanted to. It was a good exercise, but I think as a general walk-around lens, the f/2.8 zooms have the advantage, just for the sake of convenience.

Tay Waiting for Me While I Took Pictures

Escalator to the Parking Garage aka Bus Station

Anywho, once on the bus I tethered my phone to my iPad and we watched like, 6 or 7 episodes of Veronica Mars as our bus drive battled traffic up 95 to NYC. All I could think the entire time was “thank goodness I’m not driving.” It was wayyyy better to watch netflix with my girlfriend than sit through traffic behind the wheel. One big oversight was that although I brought water, I didn’t bring any snacks or anything. Next time i’ll know better.

Well, 6 or 7 high school mysteries later and we were in NYC. Tay and I had to immediately hop off the bus and navigate the Subway to her twin sister Kate’s apartment. There were a LOT of people. And we were tired and hungry, yet somehow we made it! Kate read our mind and prepared some snacks for us once we got there!

Taylor and her twin Kate

I know, they don’t really look much like twins, let alone sisters! Tay really takes after her mom, and Kate after their dad. Kate has an apartment down in Tribeca with a very cool view.

View from Kate’s Balcony

That’s the world trade center under construction in the middle. Anyway, after all those snacks we weren’t exactly dying for dinner so we took a stroll around her neighborhood first. It was quite a nice area, and really quiet compared to what I normally think of when I think of NYC.

On our way out, we met “Hallway Cat.” One of Kate’s neighbors lets their cat roam the hallway. Apparently Kate lets the cat chill in her apartment and everything. It was a super friendly abyssinian cat. Yes. I had to look that word up on Google. So of course we had to take a hiatus so the twins could play with the cat. ::sigh::


And so began our long weekend of walking, walking, walking. And thus, a ton of photos of the girls from behind:

Walking to the Pier

I also ran around to shoot them from the front too

We walked to the end of the pier to take in the nice view.

Taking a peek

View from the Pier

Then it was about time for dinner, so we walked by the World Trade Center on the way to this place by Kate’s apartment called Edward’s. Aptly named, if i do say so myself.

World Trade Center

Then it was bedtime for a long day 2 in NYC.

Day 167 - Highline
Day 167 – Highline

So our 2nd day started with a bagel breakfast and then a march down to the TCKTS booth to grab some tickets for a show that evening. We chose to go to the southstreet seaport location to bypass times square. Plus, this location sold same-day evening performances starting at 11 AM.

This was our #1 Choice Musical… alas…

Anyway, I had minor altercation with a person who obviously failed at learning how to stand in line. I am resisting the temptation to go into it, but I will just leave it at that my heart rate rises when I think of it. Sigh. Regardless, we got tickets for “Memphis,” 2010 Tony Award Winner of Best Musical. Also snapped some pics around the area.

Hairy Ship


Then it was off to Chinatown! All by foot of course. Stopped by a hole in the wall for some lychee sorbet, which had some chunks of lychee in it. It was quite good actually!


After Chinatown we headed off to this newly developed tourist destination on the island called Highline. On the way we saw this weird place with all these inflatable balls… it probably would have been a lot of fun as a kid, but as an adult it just looked like someone was on an acid trip when they designed it.

Big Balls


Anyway, Highline was really cool. They basically took the old elevated train tracks and turned them into a walking path with the old tracks preserved, and new plants and stuff all around. It was pretty nice! And clean!

Plants along the Highline Path

Path (Taken by Tay)

Filling Up (Taken by Tay)

Taking a break on the path (taken by Kate)

Eventually we finally made it to our hotel around 5:30 PM, and with our show at 8:00, we opted to relax and enjoy our hotel room. Afterall, we were staying in one of the top 10 hotels in NYC, the Setai 5th Avenue!

Setai 5th Ave Book

So after checking in, we of course immediately checked out the goodies. Check it out:

TV in the Bathroom Mirror

Complementary Gourmet Chocolates

Complementary Espresso Machine

Complementary Mini Fridge with Sodas

So we went through our closet and immediately grabbed everything we could find and took a picture with everything:

Robes? Umbrella? Slippers? Soda? You got it.

We were right on 5th avenue, between 36th and 37th st. Very nice view out the window, even though we were only on the 9th floor.

Empire State

At this point in the evening I had to ditch my camera because we were headed to the theater! Memphis was quite good btw (although the 1st act was stronger than the 2nd). We snapped a quick pic before heading out and ending our 2nd night in NYC.

Off to the Show

Day 168 - Sugar Daddy
Day 168 – Sugar Daddy

Day 3, we caught back up with Kate in the morning and after brunch at a diner headed back out on part 3 of our walking tour of New York. My feet were already killing me… next time, bring good walking shoes!

Happy @ Brunch

We headed out to some more touristy places in the middle of the island. First stop…

Dylan’s Candy Shop

3 stories of candy, candy, candy! Plus, made for some fun photos.

Bacon Flavored… Yum.

Then of course, we hit up FAO Schwarz.

$1400 Teddy Bear?

Playing with Muppets

$24,000 Barbie Foosball?


Next stop: Central Park.


Kate was telling me about this neat art initiative where they take old pianos and place them around the city so people can just walk up and play them. I really wanted to jam on one, but felt bad kicking this woman off of it… so I just took a picture instead.


Next stop: The Met. We managed to get into the Alexander Mcqueen exhibit sans waiting in line since Kate is a member. That exhibit was craaaaaaayzeee! Seriously unsettling. Who would have thought fashion could be like that. It was definitely a multi-sensory experience. Music, video, photos, mannequins. Crazy. No cameras allowed in there though, unfortunately. Would have had some amazing photos to show off…


Then we headed up to the roof and got a beer at the rooftop bar and hung out until it was time to catch our bus home.

Top o’ the Met

Check out this panorama I shot. Click through the link to make sure you view it in its glory.

Our walk to the bus stop certainly wasn’t without its breaks. Our feet were killing us!


No worries, we made our bus on time. Anyway, it was exhausting! It was a very fun weekend though, I’m glad we made it up there. I’m concluding this post with a link to my private flickr set in case you want to check out more pics, although I included most of them in this post. If you made it this far, congrats! I confess, I probably would have skimmed myself. ;)

Link to Flickr

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  1. Jen Robinson says:

    Fun seeing your trip to NYC. You shoulda rocked your vibrams, isn’t that what you bought them for? tsk. Anyway- looks like you two had a blast.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Love the photos! Now I want to go to NYC! How much was your bus trip? and so cool that your gf has a twin! How fun!

    • Ben says:

      We took the Bolt Bus. Depending on what time you leave the tickets cost different amounts… i think our trip there was $17 per seat, and our trip back was $23 per seat. Soooo worth it!

  3. Tiffany says:

    That’s not a bad deal at all on the bus trip! Now I wanna go to New York so badly!!! The only time I’ve been it was cold and snowing/raining, so taking photos was too much work!

  4. Anne P says:

    Love the photos!

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