Day 23

// January 25th, 2011 // Photo, Project 365

Day 23 - Don't Go Into the Light
Don’t Go Into The Light

How’s this for a movie-poster type shot? I wanted to take a break from shooting on the charcoal grey, and was pressed for time tonight so this is what I came up with. You should click on the photos to go to flickr, and then press “L” on your keyboard to view the pics in a lightbox to get the real dark feel. I originally took these shots:


Don’t forget to click through to Flickr and press “L”!!

I liked where I was going with the 2nd one, this ominous door at the end of a very long tunnel kind of thing. I thought that was a neat idea, but then I caught Tay walking by and made her open the doors so I could catch her silhouette. The doors are actually to my laundry machines, it’s not a closet like I hope people interpret it as. So, I had to be careful of how I positioned the camera when taking the shot, because if I didn’t get Tay blocking the right things you see laundry detergent and stuff in there.

I didn’t take a setup shot, it’s just my Canon 580exII inside the doors with a red gel (duh). It was set at 1/4 power @ 24mm with the diffuser down.

Man, it’s hard coming up with ideas for photos every day. Sigh.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Anne P says:

    Your photos keep getting more and more awesome!! That’s so cool and creepy – totally a horror movie poster. I really like the far away one of just the door, too – makes you wonder what’s lurking behind it! (apparently, killer laundry detergent?)

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