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Here are my pics from Friday and Saturday.


So I’m dogsitting a little miniature poodle for a couple of weeks. His name is Sunny. Luckily I got him right before it started snowing.

It Begins

Here is a shot outside my front door around 9 PM. You can see it was just starting to snow, but it was already sticking.


Meanwhile, Gretch was chillin with the doggies on the couch. They were uncharacteristically calm in this pic.

Night Time
Night Time 2

This is a shot out my back door at around 1 AM.

Two Doggies

So I decided to try to pose the doggies. Harry likes to sit and look outside the window when the door is open, so I figure he’d do it again. But the lighting was sooo tricky because it was so bright outside. So i brought out my light, but you can see the reflection in the glass. =( Also, the dogs didn’t want to stay still.

Let me Out!

So Gretch got some bacon grease on her fingers and was able to get the dogs to stay and climb at the window.

Sit Here

I was not quite as successful.

Look a the snow!

I eventually got them to look out the window though. Darn that stupid reflection and my oversight!

Look at the Snow

And then Sunny left and Harry just was staring out the window like he normally does. No coaxing involved this time.

Black on White

Of course Harry had to do his business eventually. I wish I had gotten pics of him jumping through the main part of our back yard because it went up to his neck. He understandably stuck to the edges where the snow wasn’t so deep.

Anyway, it’s 6:10 now and it’s still snowing strong! More pics tomorrow I’m sure, including my photo-a-week submission.

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  1. anne p says:

    Haha I can just imagine you trying forever to get them to stay the way you wanted them to for a photo. Love the first shot of the two of them at the door :)

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